Legislative Advocacy Overview

When government officials need to hear and understand your needs and concerns, Capital
Consultants provides Legislative Advocacy that will help you communicate your positions effectively. Legislative Advocacy is not a luxury. It is an investment in the future of your endeavors.

Whether or not the Legislative bodies are in session, laws are being crafted daily. Legislation is
already on the table for the next session. Policy is shaped and changing all the time—not always bythe hands of elected officials themselves.

Today’s lawmakers may or may not realize the relevancy of your industry, your message, or the important people your organization represents.

Your interests, your business, your association, your organization are precious commodities--they provide an essential livelihood for you, your family, your community.

When your goal is to build a campaign for a platform, policy, or political office, Capital Consultants offers extensive experience in campaign organization and direction. We specialize in supporting the efforts of grassroots campaign initiatives and applying our knowledge of the system to successfully convey the platforms of our clients.

Capital Consultants is an experienced firm of qualified professionals who will join your team, quickly identify, and then target areas where policy might weaken your interests or make you vulnerable.

We want to serve you. We will exceed your expectations. We know how to navigate and influence the system for you.